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Monoo: Community Directory

Well, after hectic weekend: outing to jogja, deadline for seo roadmap, come to Pancoran early morning, go to Cikini in the evening, then back to Bekasi at late night, back again to Pancoran, to Cikini, to Bekasi through and through. Finally in this lazy Saturday i can give suplement to herbaban.

Nowadays, i would like to share my latest project. Actually the project already running for roughly one year. There are three person who involved in this project and all of those are my closest friend in college which are Lukman and Bachri.

What is your and teammate project ban?

The project’s name is Monoo, you can access through www.monoo.co from your browser.

What is Monoo?

Well i will quote from our business plan, Monoo is a social networking platform which connects communities and people to create a real change for a better world. This idea is a combination between social media, communities, and people to create a productive platform. By developing a Minimum Viable Product that was supported by valid data of target segment’s wants and needs, this business goes beyond just a group of theories.

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From the community side, with the presence of mono will provide many benefit for them. This is because Monoo is the first social media which focuses on community by offering them with specific needs such as publication, access to donation, and overcoming internal problem or communication. Besides that, Monoo also serves communities by creating a web page per community by following terms of UI/UX as a user friendly website.


How Monoo work?

Because Monoo implement business model double side, I will try to explain from double side which are from User Side and Communitites Side.

[User Side] For instance, some day baban go to Bali and stay in there for an unspecified time. However, because baban new residence in there he feel dificult to find community that match for his passion. To solve that, baban access monoo then try to find community in arround him and match with his passion. Then, tadaaa baban got information community that he wants and decided join to that community.

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[Community Side] Baban has community that focus on environtment and planning to planting a thousand trees. However, because lack of fund and minimum publication, baban felt difficult to realize his program. Then baban try to submit his community to Monoo, give a clear information, objective, vision and mission, documentation’s activity and another info. In the coming monts, finally baban can realize his program because got donation from visitors Monoo.

Well those are illustration how monoo will work for user side and community side. Ohya, this platform for temporary will using bootstrapped funds from founders and certainly this business will gain loss in early years. However, it will gain a lot of profit after generating brand awareness, traffic, and visitors. This pattern looks real in the market, because business needs to sacrifice at the very beginning before earning success. So if you have a lot of money unused, you can invest or give fund to us hahaha :D. See you in next post.

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